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I specialize in on location makeup artistry so you can enjoy getting ready in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. Every application is custom tailored to meet your expectations - from natural to dramatic and everything in between!


Future Brides/Bridal party please note the changes made as of January 1,2023


In order to allow the big day to run as smoothly as possible, when it comes to payment I please ask that all payment is made in full, within 5 days of wedding. 

Bride (Traditional application without lashes) - $150

Bride (Airbrush application without lashes) - $170

False lash application-$25


Bridal Party (Traditional application without lashes) - $115

Bridal Party (Airbrush application without lashes) - $130

False lash application- $25


*These are the prices NOT including tip.

If the desired location of wedding is further than 30 mins away there will be an additional travel fee.

*If you are looking for on location hair services as well, I have a preferred vendors

I can connect you with to make the whole day  fun, easy and convenient for you. 


Bridal trial

Required for all brides.

My priority is you. I want you to feel beautiful and at ease

on your big day, so its essential that we collaborate ahead of time to

create the exact look you desire. 

Bridal Trial (Traditional application) - $150

Bridal Trial (Airbrush application) - $170

False lash application- $25


Additional notes:

MINIMUM time I allow myself with a person in the bridal party for makeup is 30 mins.

Brides if you have a schedule you want to follow for your big day, please keep this in mind. If we need to start early in the day then we can discuss times that work.



Have questions? Please review my FAQs to send me a message.

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